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When you need financing for different purposes, we offer different kind of loans with lots of exciting features. Generally, loan features are about cost, convenience and flexibility. Depending on your plans and your lifestyle, some of them could save you money. All these things are designed specifically to match your cash flow.

Karnali Development Bank Ltd. presents various Deposit Products according to your Need and Choice. Please Look ahead for some of our Deposit Products. Open your saving account with us and watch your savings grow!

We offer a range of banking services tailored to your needs. Beside Loans and Deposits, some other services are as bellow:

About us

Karnali Development Bank Limited is the first Development Bank in Mid & Far Western Region of Nepal, established on Falgun 6, 2060 under Bank Act 2052 BS. KDBL was incorporated with the objective of extending banking approach to rural and urban developing sectors of the society....

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